Features Customize your LGG!

Fanned frets

With a standard Novax style, this ergonomic solution with fanned frets makes the grabbing and the digitalization easier while expanding the sound possibilities of a LGG. It allows you to reach the highest strings in their shortest scales and it gets a perfect tension for the low strings in long scales.

Scoop cutaway

The outside bevelled shape inspired by the creations of Nick Benjamin allows the guitarist to reach the last frets in an easier way making the best of guitar´s body resonance.

Florentine SCOOP Cutaway

A nice and sharp ergonomic solution to easily reach the highest frets.

Baritone Scale

A perfect variation to make the best of the rotundity of the J Series that allows reaching very low tones with less tension for the strings.

Arm bevel

It’s a solution that gets adapted to the arm position while making the best of the great sound capacity of the guitar body.

Woods & finishes

A basic LGG tends to combine spruce or Canadian cedar wood on the soundboard, Indian rosewood on the sides and on the back, cedar wood on guitar´s neck and ebony from Cameroon on the guitar bridge. When producing your guitar, you decide and we help you regarding the most suitable materials to get the sound you’re looking for. Ask us about our high quality woods catalogue.

Regarding the types of finishes, you can choose among satin finish, glossy finish or a high shiny one.